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Philip Dunn - General Partner                                  Shon Woodall - General Partner

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Kim Gasque                                                      Roscoe White                                                   Roscoe White
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Company BIO

The Woodall Company was formed in 1997 from one account. It has thus grown, and prospered going into the future.  We have continued to be innovative so as to be cost effective, and increase services and productivity. 
 It was founded by Shon Woodall who later asked several partners to come on board. As time has gone by. From time to time these partners still assist in its growth and informativeness with new ideas. This has always been a family business and atleast two cousins have been involved at one time or another.
We are proud that we have not raised our rates in over 10 years on our longest standing clients being  which continues to allow us to be competitive.  We still offer some of the lowest rates around to new clients as well. We are always looking for new ways to stay competitive in the industry in which we serve and we have found that trying to keep our subcontracted officers happy, allows for maximum productivity, and the turn over rate usually only comes from client request to replace an officer whose personality may not fit the type security they need.